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At the heart of our ethos is a belief that the end quality of every project we work on is the result of working in close collaboration with clients and their architects to deliver a home that is beautifully bespoke and fulfils their unique needs and aspirations.

We work tirelessly to find elegant solutions along the build process, to ensure every aspect is aesthetically pleasing, whilst also fully functional and useful in every day living.  

We have worked hard over the last 15 years to build a reputation of quality and value for money for our clients.

We offer a range of residential construction and building services, from new home builds, to extensions, renovations and landscaping.




We have built a reputation of being reliable, trustworthy, fast, efficient and fairly priced.

The majority of the work we do is from recommendations of our very happy customers who always come back to us again and again for all their building needs.

At A&B London Construction we strive to deliver the perfect loft conversion in London. Working with your architect, we can guide you through planning permission, and work with you throughout construction.

We ensure that despite having building works in progress, it will be a stress free process for you, your family and your pets.  So if you are looking to create extra space, or simply add value to your property before selling, we are here to help you at every step of the building and construction process.

New Builds.

Whether you are inheriting land or have purchased it already, A&B London Construction can build you your dream home.  We have been building homes in London for over a decade.  We work directly with your architect and relevant authorities to ensure the process goes smoothly, to timescale and on budget.  Building a new home qualifies for zero rating for VAT - which means we wont charge it on labour or purchases. 

Working on a new construction is an exciting time for our clients and we want you to enjoy it.   We will work and consult with you at every step of the project, ensuring every goes exactly to plan.


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If you’re extending your home, you need to ensure that it looks good, that it’s practical and suits your needs, too.


Modern building control insists upon glazing of a certain standard and specification, but it’s worth paying for the best that you can afford, rather than sticking to the minimum. Ensure your extension is well insulated and that the glazing is capable of keeping heat in (in winter) and out (in summer).

Light and Bright

Extending the room that overlooks your garden might mean that you create a long thin space that’s very dark at one end – and by that we mean the end furthest from the garden.  Consider your lighting options, that will mimic a daylight feel throughout the extension.


If you can get planning permission to create a vaulted roofline, do so. It will look more interesting from the exterior, but from the inside, it can make a major impact – taking a room that’s potentially low-ceilinged and on the small side and transforming it into one that feels bright and spacious.

Think Electrics

You need to plan well ahead with your electrics, particularly if you are having a lot of glazing within an extension. Getting your lighting wall-mounted will be a must if your ceiling is glazed; equally, floor or ceiling mounted lighting will be the best choices in a room with glazed walls. Plan ahead for appliances, such as wall-hung tvs, too – electrics should ideally be concealed behind them.

What about your view?

Using lots of glazing also exposes the interior of your home to prying eyes from outside – so plan your view at the same time as your build. This might mean having a wall built along with your extension – or having trees planted as soon as building finishes – or before it starts if they won’t obstruct the works.

Will it integrate well?

Ideally, a new extension, should blend seamlessly with the existing property. This means planning the new layout meticulously, especially if you’re combining the new room with an old one. The biggest mistake is to create a new room with an awkward layout.

Please visit our portfolio page for examples of recent building projects.


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A & B London Construction is an honest business.  We are dedicated to providing optimum quality workmanship on every single job that we undertake. If there are ever any queries or problems, we make it our priority to resolve them in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of inconvenience to our customers. With our experience and knowledge of the industry,  A & B London Construction are a company that you can trust.

We always take great pride in our clients’ satisfaction, and are totally committed to meeting and even exceeding your expectations.

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